Frequently Asked Questions

Why are National Portfolio Day events online this year?

Due to Covid-19, the NPDA moved all our events online for the safety of our students, parents, teachers and others who attend. However, we focussed on developing an engaging and valuable experience online as you might find at one of our in-person events.


Why should I attend a National Portfolio Day online event?

If you are thinking of pursuing a post-secondary education in art or design, whether coming in at the undergrad or graduate level, you will likely have to include a portfolio of your work, as part of your application. All of our member schools are accredited art or design universities and colleges and our events provide students with a unique opportunity to meet one on one with professional representatives. These reps are there for you to ask questions about their programs, and most importantly, get feedback on how to improve your portfolio so it will be a successful part of your application.


How do the online National Portfolio Day events work?


  • Register and select the event(s) you wish to attend
  • Prior to the event, you will receive an email with your login details
  • On the day of the event, log in to the event portal at nationalportfolioday.live
  • Once logged in, you will have the chance to view all our 90+ member ‘virtual booths’
  • When you find the school you want to meet with, you will have the opportunity to select a Portfolio Review appointment time during the event, and/or chat with a booth representative about general questions
  • If the school you are looking for is not attending the event day you will be able to leave a message for someone to follow up with you, in their booth.
  • Regardless of which schools are attending which events, all participants will receive a Virtual Backpack that contains digital viewbooks from all 90+ schools.
  • You will also have the chance to view/download additional materials from all schools, in their virtual booths.
  • When it is time to have your portfolio review, you will revisit the school’s booth, where your review will be held on a virtual meeting platform such as Zoom.
  • Your reviewer will be able to see your portfolio that you will have uploaded to the site once you are logged in, and can review and discuss with you, in a private virtual meeting room. It’s that simple.

Can I attend more than one event?

Yes. There are over 90 member schools registered, so you can certainly attend multiple events, so you can meet with as many schools as you like.


Do you have events especially for Graduate studies?

Yes we do. Please check our event schedule for our graduate-focussed events.


I am a parent/teacher/counselor/other. Can I attend a National Portfolio Day event?

We know that students have many kinds of supporters, and we welcome them all. We encourage non-students to attend, browse the virtual booths of our member schools, download/view any relevant information. If you have general questions, please feel free to chat with a booth representative, however, please do not schedule a portfolio review, as those time slots are reserved for students only.


How long is a portfolio review?

Most reviews are 10 to 15 minutes in length.


What should I include in my portfolio?

We recommend that you include a range of your work, up to 10-12 pieces. Often times, schools are interested to learn your process and method of thinking, so not all work needs to be finished, and works in progress are also welcome.


How will I share/upload my portfolio?

Once you have registered, you will be able to upload your portfolio. Please save your files into pdf formats, and combine into no more than two documents.


How can I give my feedback after an event?

Each participant will receive a link to complete a survey after attending one of our events. Please take a few minutes to complete it so we can improve our events and continue to support students.