About National Portfolio Day Events | NPDA

Be inspired, gain advice on how to improve or present your portfolio, and experience a small taste of what it’s like to attend a professional art or design program. National Portfolio Day may be the first time you have been in an environment (virtually or in-person) with so many people in one place who all share a powerful commitment to art and design.



What are National Portfolio Days?

National Portfolio Days are annual events typically held in multiple locations across the United States, Canada and Europe.


Show Your Work

Meet one on one with professional representatives of accredited colleges and universities and receive valuable feedback and guidance on your portfolio prior to submitting your application. No admission decisions or scholarship awards will be offered at National Portfolio Days. Some college and university representatives may accept your portfolio as the visual portion of your application. Others have restrictions that prohibit them from making a definitive portfolio decision at the time of your review.

If there is a particular school you are hoping to meet with, please visit that school’s website to learn more about the dates they will be available.


Receive Words of Wisdom

All representatives will be happy to discuss their specific programs of study and provide answers to questions about the availability of scholarships and financial aid. National Portfolio Day is not an examination or competition and is about an exchange of information. Representatives want to learn about you, your work, and your post-secondary plans, all while informing you about their college or university and application requirements.


Follow The Path Towards Art and Design

Students from all around the world are welcome to participate in portfolio reviews to prepare for college and university at the undergraduate or graduate level. Parents, counselors, teachers and educators are invited to join us at National Portfolio Day to learn more about our member schools and the programs that they offer.